Discipline, confidence and focus through our Tae Kwon Do Classes!

Experience a unique self-defense technique that protects the body, stimulates the mind, and empowers you to achieve your goals. 

Become comfortable, regulate your weight, and improve stamina, energy, and overall fitness while learning robust and practical self-defense skills at Tae Kwon Do 's best school in Winston-Salem.

Benefits Of Tae Kwon Do

  • Learn Effective Tae Kwon Do Techniques
  • Learn Self Defense
  • Improve Your Physical Fitness
  • Develop Better Character
  • Gain Confidence
  • Increase Self Control & Discpline
  • Respect

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We're Equipping Students With Lifelong Tools

Tae Kwon Do started as a form of military training 2000 years ago, grew into an Olympic sport, and has grown into a modern style of fitness and self-improvement. Our incredible staff will teach you punches, kicks, and defenses along with stick combat, knife throwing, and free sparring that will give you the confidence to defend yourself. 

Young Yu Tae Kwon Do has been teaching Tae Kwon Do in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, and Stanleyville since 1972. For several years of experience, our martial arts teachers will include black belt instruction, and more. Our Tae Kwon Do courses are structured to provide men and women with the skills and resources to become outstanding martial artists and better people.